CREATIVE EMOTIONAL JOURNEY Toolkit is a digital toolbox offering an inventory of exercises, reading materials, tools and resources prepared by the partners or available at EU / National / Local level. 

The collected resources have been re-edited and adapted to our project during the two years’ project’s duration, to offer an organized inventory of ready to use tools, activities, exercises.

The tools included in the Toolkit address different needs: 

– How to work with young people? 

– How to work on an emotional level? 

– How to create high quality digital contents? 

– How to transfer my creative activity in an online environment? 

– How to engage young people? 

– How to work with other operators? 

– How to find a bridge between education and creativity?



Team-building activities
Debate – Discussion – The fish bowl dialogue
Forum Theatre
Creative Writing
Digital interactive tool – Kahoot! 
Digital Interactive tool – Mentimeter
Digital Interactive Tool – Jamboard
Digital interactive tool –  Powtoon
Digital interactive tool – Storybird 
Digital Interactive Tool – Typeform
Digital interactive tool – Videoscribe
Digital interactive tool – Mural
Digital Interactive Tool – Crossword Labs

Here you can download the full version of the Toolkit:

TOOLKIT – English version

TOOLKIT – French version

TOOLKIT – Italian version

TOOLKIT – Spanish version

TOOLKIT – Lithuanian version

TOOLKIT – Greek version