About the project

The project’s idea was born in 2020 in full lockdown from the union of several artists and trainers engaged for years in educational activities in various countries of Europe. It was born in the context of a particular worldwide collective experience that involves us deeply in all aspects, involving everyone and the whole European and trans-European territory.

CREATIVE EMOTIONAL JOURNEY aims to overcome the mere recourse to common sense or simplifying rationalizations, integrating art, pedagogy of emotions and pedagogy of reason. The project aims to create a tool that will give the opportunity to each user, operator, artist, educator, trainer, to compose their own personal customized program; an emotional educational experience that the operators address to young people. Therefore, we aim at creating a bridge between ART and CREATIVITY, the EMOTIONAL approach, and DIGITAL EDUCATION.

The partners have encountered, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the deep difficulty that the cultural and creative sector and the educational sector are facing, and looking for a solution, have detected the lack of tools and methodologies to support operators of these sectors. They also found, in their working practice with young people, how they have been particularly affected by the psychological and emotional consequences of this situation of high stress, fear and uncertainty.

The project aims, through a 2 years’ cooperation among international partners, to create a methodology and the tools to implement creative emotional activities working in educational contexts, providing a Toolkit, a Methodology and a Manual.


A CREATIVE EMOTIONAL JOURNEY is an immersive, creative and emotional experience for young people, in blended format. It is a themed “journey”: our consortium, due to the internal expertise, adopted and addressed 2 specific themes (gender based violence and bullying) that will represent the models for practical implementation of our Intellectual Outputs.

CREATIVE EMOTIONAL JOURNEY combines a strong digital design action with a creative action in the educational field, based on the emotional experience. 


– Provide young people with the opportunity to address specific and urgent themes with an emotional approach

– Create a bridge between art and education, passing through the emotional approach, and using the digital as tool

– Provide operators with the tools to create creative emotional journeys for young people, contributing to the resilience of creative and cultural sector

– The methodology and tools are designed for creative and cultural sector’s operators who want to keep working in post-pandemic situation that affected this sector in particular, and bring art in the educational sector; at the same time it supports operators of the educational sector who want to address specific themes with a creative and emotional experience for young people.

– Intellectual Outputs production. The Intellectual Outputs will support and guide the operators in the creation of creative emotional journeys for young people.

– Work in partnership/network to ensure Europe-wide usability


  • Final target for CREATIVE EMOTIONAL JOURNEYs: young people
  • Primary target for our Intellectual Outputs: creative and cultural sectors’ operators and youth workers, educators, teachers, etc.

The project includes: 

Staff training in Spain

Piloting phase in each involved Country

Blended mobility of young people in Italy