The Manual

The Manual is an operational digital tool for operators and it is designed for Creative and Cultural Sector operators working in the post-pandemic situation who want to bring art in the educational sector; and, at the same time, it supports operators of the educational sector who want to address specific themes creating a creative and emotional experience for youngsters.

There are two possibilities for operators:

– modulate a CREATIVE EMOTIONAL JOURNEY with material already provided; 

– create a new and original JOURNEY, on different topics, with new material and contents, following the guidance of the Manual, the tools provided in the Toolkit and the Methodology proposed.

The Manual contains all the instructions to support operators in both processes, describing step by step how to navigate through the Toolkit and the Creative Emotional Journal Methodology to be applied to build a new and original JOURNEY with the possibility to adapt the project’s path and experience to other realities, themes, targets, artistic forms.

It offers and overview on the role of creativity in education, of Non-Formal education and digital youth work and on the topics addressed by the partnership. Moreover, it explains how to implement the activities in a format that combines the regular practice with digital youth work. It describes the experience and the results of the piloting phase and the mobilities, and how to involve and engage youngsters, community and stakeholders.

You can download the Manual in the following link:

Manual – English

Manual – Italian

Manual – Spanish

Manual – Lithuanian

Manual – French

Manual – Greek